macaron bar

~ hearts & arrows ~

introducing MACARON BARS.

There's just something really special about having something simple and fun off of a wooden spoon... Isn't it?

We are so inspired by our younger and carefree days we wanted to bake something that reminded us of this wonderful time.  We wanted our macarons to be just as simple, cute and fun.

And for this Valentine's Day, we came up with just the thing -- the "hearts & arrows" macaron bar.  Designed for the both of you, they're meant to be shared together.

While one of them is made with our famous dark chocolate (sprinkled with mini red hearts), the other is made up of our homemade, classic red velvet (decorated with golden arrows).  Aren't they just cute?

We hope you love them as much as we do!  

Available starting 2.11.16.


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