macaron ice cream

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introducing MACARON ICE CREAM.

We wanted to bake something different this season!  Last year, we introduced our matcha green tea frappe into our cold beverage lineup and it has now become one of our most popular drinks on the menu.  

This year... we wanted to bring something new again and we've always wanted to make our own creamy macaron ice cream. 

Our inspiration? Our childhoods of course! Sandia's all-time-favorite-ice-cream in-the-world is and always will be a vanilla sweet cream mixed with extra fresh strawberries.  She would tell me so many stories of her grandpa taking her to local ice cream shops after school and she would always ask for extra strawberries in her cup. Whereas for me, I may say that I literally live for espresso ice cream. It's almost embarrassing how much I love and go through pints of them.  So coming up with flavors has been a breeze this time around.

Sweet Cream & Strawberry
made with: sweet cream ice cream. fresh strawberries.

Espresso Chip
made with: stumptown espresso. dipped in dark chocolate.


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